Project Details


Name of project


Project ticker


The main proposition of the project


Brief description of the project use case and product

Profile Completion

The completion score indicates how many of the most relevant PCL metrics the project’s profile has provided as a percentage. The calculation is based on an equal weighting of the following metrics: 

- PCL Token Allocation

- Circulating Supply 

- Annual Inflation

- Auction Reward

- Reward Vesting Schedule 

- Initial Reward Release 

- Initial Reward/Circ. Supply

- Leasing Period

- PCL Bonus Incentive 

- Private Sale Blended Price


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Official website 

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Official Twitter account

Telegram Link

Official Telegram account 

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Official Medium account

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Official Github account

Auction Token Metrics

PCL Token Allocation 

Percentage of total supply allocated by the project for parachain auction rewards 

PCL  Participation Incentive

Brief description of the incentive structure related to the auction rewards

Circulating Supply 

Tokens in circulation at the time of the parachain launch. Note: this is not the current circulating supply if the project is already trading 

Total Supply

Total number of token supply

Listed Price (dollar value)

This is the current market price of the token

Source: Coingecko  

Annual Inflation

Token inflation for the first year from parachain launch as a percentage 

Inflation Model 

Brief description of token inflation mechanisms to provide context for the inflation percentage 

Auction Reward

Number of native tokens awarded for the project’s parachain crowdloan

Reward Vesting Schedule

The period of vesting for the auction rewards in months

Initial Reward Release

The number of awarded tokens released at the time of the parachain launch according to the vesting schedule

Initial Reward/Circ. Supply

Initial reward released at the time of parachain launch as a percentage of circulating supply

PCL Reward Details

Additional information about reward details

Leasing Period 

The number of leasing periods the project intends to bid for in the auction

Leasing Period Detail 

Additional information regarding the leasing period that might provide context for the specified leasing period

PLO Bonus Incentive 

Any bonus incentives offered to auction participants by the project

Network Incentives

Collator Incentives

Information about the incentives a collator on the parachain will receive from the project

Other Incentives 

Any other incentives the project offers for non-collator stakeholders within the ecosystem

Parachain Renewal Strategy

Renewal Plan

The project’s status on renewal plan for the parachain lease

Renewal Plan Detail 

Additional information regarding the project’s renewal plan for the parachain lease

Foundation Plan (Yes/No)

The project’s status on a foundation/treasury funds plan 

Foundation Plan Detail (Max. 400 characters)

Additional information regarding the project’s foundation/treasury funds plan

Token Utility and Distribution

Ecosystem Tokens

The ticker(s) for the project’s token(s)

Token Utility 

The project token’s utility. E.g. governance, collator incentives etc. 

Token Distribution 

Outline of the project’s token distribution 

Private Sale Blended Price (in USD)

Blended price per token, weighted for each round of private/presale funds that were raised


Seed round: 50,000 tokens were sold at $0.60 each

Private round 1: 100,000 tokens were sold at $0.70 each

Private round 2: 75,000 tokens were sold at $0.90 each

Total tokens sold: 225,000 (seed + private round 1 + private round 2)

Blended price: 

[$0.60 * (50,000/225,000)] + 

[$0.70 * (100,000/225,000)] + 

[$0.90 * (75,000/225,000)] = $0.7444/token

Private Sale Detail 

Outline of private sale details including price, amount raised, valuation and amount of tokens sold


Ecosystem Partnerships

The number of official (publicly announced) partnerships between the project and other projects within the crypto ecosystem

Ecosystem Partnerships Detail 

A list of the project’s official partnerships with other projects within the crypto ecosystem 



Status of testnet launch 

Kusama Parachain 

The project's intention to participate in the Kusama parachain auction


Date of mainnet launch if mainnet is already live.


Comparable Projects

A list of comparable projects to contextualise the project’s use case and product